What an exciting year for Dick’s Fresh Market!

In addition to the 2019 Excellence in Operations Award from the Wisconsin Grocers Association, Dick’s Fresh Market was presented with the 23rd Annual Grand Master Marketer Award from UNFI.

Each year UNFI, one of the largest wholesalers in the world, brings together independent retailers from all over to present their Master Marketer Awards. Dick’s Fresh Market was selected for strong marketing and creative community promotional programs. This top-level award, presented on August 1st, from UNFI recognized our company’s dedication to giving back to the communities we reside in and presented Dick’s Fresh Market with $25,000 to put towards local charities!

Our Company Founder, Dick Rinehart, and President, Doug Rinehart, spoke with tears in their eyes amongst other retailers during the UNFI Master Marketers Expo applauding all retailers who work closely with their communities. Dick spoke first, “After 37 years in the business, what an honor it is to receive such a grand award. I retired over six years ago, and I am extremely proud of what my son has accomplished in the company. This is an extremely proud and humbling moment in the history of Dick’s Fresh Market.”

Doug went on to say, “We are extremely fortunate to have such a great group of leaders and employees who help to give back to the communities that support us every day. It takes great people to build amazing connections like we have and we look forward to building even more in the future of Dick’s Fresh Market. Thank you to my father, who has been by my side and my mentor in life, and to everyone who has helped make this humbling moment possible.”

Congratulations to all Dick’s Fresh Market employees in making this store what it is every day; Clean, Neat, Fresh, and Friendly.