Download Clues Flyer
Download Clues Flyer

Ina Wanbli (E-nah Wanblee/mother eagle) sends her eight eaglets out to explore Wabasha, their home along the great Mississippi River. We need your help finding them! The eaglets have been named in the Dakota language of the Native Americans who once lived here. You may start anywhere along the trail.

1 Mini (minee/river) flies from Main St. to explore the seasons of the Mississippi for barges, leaping fish, pelicans, and melting ice flows from an outdoor rock perch near the home where eagle ambassadors welcome all.

2 Wakinyan (wah-keen-yahn/thunder) hears the stop and start rumble where Pembroke and Main cross, while watching and waiting for his mighty ROAR.

3 Thate (ta-te/wind) soars up Pembroke heading toward St. Felix steeple when the spin and swirl of bicycle spokes finds him roosting near the chain.

4 Wi (wee/sun) heads toward the bridge on 2nd St. and spies the tree of knowledge and the promise of adventure among the shadowed learners.

5 Han Wi (han wee/moon) continues the journey on Second St., dives under the bridge, past the nesting eagle to rest among the cattails and watch the weary travelers from other places.

6 Cha (cha/tree) glides toward the river, to suddenly turn right on Main St. and follow the soft tick tocks of four faces.

7 Svaha (sva-ha/lightening) glides down Main St. and shelters above the entrance to where a helping hand brings beautiful smiles to all who enter.

8 Makha (mak-ha’/earth) rockets diagonally across Main St. to hover and halt above the sign with 3 triangles in a circle.

When you find all 8 you can stop at the participating businesses and pick up your award!

  • Wabasha Chamber of Commerce
  • Grandpa’s Barn
  • Hill’s Hardware
  • AmericInn
  • National Eagle Center
  • LARK Toys
  • Driftless Bookstore
  • Weichert Realtors
  • The Chocolate Escape
  • Turning Waters
  • River Rider Cycle
  • Wabasha Public Library
  • The Common Closet