July 26 – 27, 2019

Riverboat Days Parade – July 27th

To Be Announced – Grand Marshall

Parade Route:

  • Bridge to Main Street – right,
  • To Pembroke and take a right,
  • To Third Street and take a right

Poster coming soon

Riverboat Days Parade Application

Registration is now closed.

Rules & Info
  1. Once you enter the line of march, there is ABSOLUTELY NO STOPPING along the parade route for any reason.
  2. NO THROWING CANDY OR GIFTS from motorized vehicles. If you want to distribute candy or other items to spectators, someone from your entry must walk alongside the crowd and HAND it to them.
  3. Parade check-in opens at 1 p.m. at the Athletics’ Field. Registration closes PROMPTLY AT 2PM. Late arrivals from 2pm to 2:30 pm will go to the back of the line. Arrivals after 2:30pm cannot be accommodated. Exception to this rule is the Cub Scouts
  4. Entries that are deemed political in nature (except those of a political office holder, candidate or recognized political party), or which are deemed inappropriate by the SCV Fourth of July Parade Committee, are subject to disqualification and/or ejection from the parade.
  5. No consumption of alcohol or any controlled substance in any Parade area (including but not limited to Pre-Parade and Post-Parade areas) during the Parade (commencing with the opening of Parade registration), except to the extent that alcohol sales may be sanctioned in a Post-Parade area. The Sheriff’s Department will enforce all laws.
  6. Stallions are not permitted to participate in the parade. Mares and geldings only.
  7. Entries may not double back along the parade route while the parade is in progress.
  8. All units must complete the entire parade route.
  9. All entries must be in good taste and are subject to the approval of the parade committee. If the entry does not meet these criteria, the parade committee reserves the right to refuse participation.
  10. All animals must be supervised by adults at all times.
  11. Drivers of motorized vehicles must be 18 or over and must hold a valid license.
  12. All motor vehicles must carry proof of insurance. All rules of the road must be followed. Windows, mirrors and lights must be visible on your vehicle at all times.
  13. There must be identification of your group/club on all float and non-float entries.
  14. No negative campaigning or personal attacks will be allowed in any way shape or form.
Download Parade Application