Sunday Worship:

  • Summer: 9:00am
  • Labor Day – Memorial Day: 8:00am and 10:30am

Sunday School: 9:15am

Join us for coffee fellowship after each service!

Come experience God’s grace through music, a meaningful message, and holy communion served every Sunday.

Faith Lutheran celebrates our diversity of beliefs within our own congregation on a variety of social issues while remaining united by God’s love for us all. Faith is a place of welcome for all so that we may encourage one another and grow in faith. There are a host of opportunities for you to learn more about God, the Bible, and use your gifts for the benefit of this community.

We value being open minded in honoring everyone’s questions about faith.  We don’t believe that you must believe certain things about God before you can participate fully in the life of our church.  We believe that asking great questions is more valuable than having the “right” answers.  We love to engage together in exploring what the Bible has to say and try to humbly understand as best we can what it means for today’s world.  We trust that God honors our seeking and works through us often in the midst of our doubts.

We value always being ready to ask, “How can I help?”  It is an awesome thing to realize that as we come to God asking for his peace and justice to be more ever present in our world, God believes in us to be his helping hands in his world.  Together, where ever we are, no matter what day of the week it is, we are the church reaching out to make our world a little more filled with God’s Spirit.  We are the body of Christ in the world!


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