Explore the Mississippi River Trail and Great River Road in Minnesota & Wisconsin on one of our nine exhilarating biking trails. Each trail offers a different level of difficulty, as well as beautiful sights and an opportunity to take in our local flora and fauna. Start your biking tour of Minnesota and Wisconsin today!

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Practice Safe Riding

• Obey traffic laws.
• Ride no more than two abreast.
• Share the road with motorists.
• Stop completely at stop signs and stop light
• Signal when turning, slowing and stopping.
• Call out when passing: “On your left!”

The Hump

A 16-mile ride over a challenging hill

Take the Mississippi River Trail downstream to CR 30 (Hiawatha Drive) and turn left to go out of town. In 4 miles, cross the railroad tracks and cross US 61. Go straight on CR 81 along the Zumbro River past Kruger Park (toilets, camping and hiking trails). Turn right on MN 60 to climb “The Hump.” At the top, from a parking lot on the right, take a short walk to overlook the Zumbro Valley. In another mile, turn left into the golf course for a view up the Chippewa River Valley. Back on MN 60, a short distance down the hill is a view of Wabasha and the Mississippi. At the bottom, cross US 61 to return to Wabasha.

Watch for a canoe landing, soft sandstone and hard limestone.

Miles: 16.06  Elev. Start/Max: 685/1183 ft  Total Gain: 811 ft

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Upper Sand Prairie Loop

A flat 13-mile ride across a prairie and along the Mississippi

Take the Mississippi River Trail downstream to CR 30 (Hiawatha Drive) and turn left. In 3 miles, turn left on CR 24 to enter the Upper Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Refuge. The Peterson Lake boat landing offers river access, and the nearby restaurant offers food, drink and a river view. For a close-up look at Lock and Dam 4, go left on 652nd Street, then right on 140th Avenue, and look for Public Water Access signs on the left. Back on CR 24, continue to CR 30, and turn right to return to Wabasha.

Watch for turtle crossings, a distant eagle nest, twin antique silos, and a horsedrawn plow.

Miles: 14.08 Elev.  Start/Max: 685/712 ft  Total Gain: 216 ft

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Ten-Four, Good Buddy

A 25-mile ride over the hills and along Lake Pepin, with a link to Lake City

Go west on Main Street (one block), left on Bridge Avenue (6 blocks), right on Hiawatha (5 blocks), and right on US 61 (one mile). Turn left on CR 10 to climb a long hill. At CR 4, turn right to go down to US 61. Lake City, with many attractions and amenities, is one mile to the left. To return to Wabasha, turn right on US 61 to ride along Lake Pepin, where the Mississippi is more than two miles wide. At Reads Landing, turn left on CR 77 to take a break at a brew pub, or turn right to visit a history museum. CR 77 rejoins US 61 in ¾ mile. Turn left on CR 59 into Wabasha, and left again on Bridge Avenue.

Watch for dredge sand, a concrete hog, longhorn cattle, eagle nests, and a geological marker.

Miles: 25.23  Elev. Start/Max: 684/1184 ft  Total Gain: 2892 ft

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East Indian Creek Loop

A 39-mile ride through bluffs, farms, dunes and prairies

Take the Mississippi River Trail downstream to CR 30 (Hiawatha Drive) and turn left. Go 4 miles and cross the railroad tracks. Turn left on US 61 and go one mile. At CR 18, turn right, go up the Zumbro Valley and climb a hill. At Conception church, go left on CR 14 for 4 miles, then turn left on 580th Street (gravel for a half mile). Cross MN 42 and rejoin CR 14 to enjoy a long descent down Rattlesnake Ridge along Indian Creek. At US 61, go right for ¼ mile, then left on CR 84 through Kellogg-Weaver Dunes, home of rare Blanding turtles. At 622nd Street, a 3-mile side trip leads to West Newton and the Mississippi backwaters. Continue on CR 84 to its end, go right into Kellogg, then left on the MRT. At US 61, turn right to return to Wabasha.

Watch for sandstone topped with limestone, dairy cows, sand dunes and a world-famous toy museum.

Miles: 39.46  Elev. Start/Max: 684/1203 ft  Total Gain: 1117 ft

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Tell Ride

A 28-mile ride with a climb and easy descent to the Buffalo River

Cross over the Mississippi bridge and take the dike road through the backwaters. Watch for waterfowl and turtles. At Nelson, go straight on WI 25 for ½ mile, then turn right on CR D. Climb on D to CR I. Turn right on I, enjoy a nice 3-mile descent, then follow CR II to the tiny village of Tell (a tavern and a church). Turn right on WI 37 and follow the Buffalo River. At WI 35, turn left to go one mile to Alma, home of many attractions and amenities, or turn right and ride WI 35 along the Mississippi back to Nelson. Turn left on WI 25 to the dike road and back to Wabasha.

Miles: 27.78  Elev. Start/Max: 684/1128 ft  Total Gain: 1172 ft

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