Pumpkin Topiary Displays

Every year during SeptOberfest, Wabasha’s streets come to life with colorful and crazy pumpkin topiaries! The first pumpkin displays made their debut in 2009. Since then, it has grown into a tradition that the Wabasha-Kellogg community has come to love.


SeptOberfest is a time for the community to come together to create amazing works of art out of pumpkins, hay bales, cornhusks, scarecrows, and recycled materials. Artists, community members and families are encouraged every year to create crazy, colorful displays for everybody to enjoy. The wooden displays such as the smiling candy corn and friendly forest creatures are sights the community and visitors alike have come to look forward to every year, and all hand painted by dedicated women in the community. Need a tip on how to make your own pumpkin topiary display next year? Use polyurethane paint to ensure a vibrant and long lasting color.


When it comes to the annual pumpkin displays, every year is a little different. While some non degradable pieces have made several appearances throughout the years, over 3000 organic pumpkins and 5000 cornstalks, straw bales, squash, gourds, and scarecrows are used every year to create the unique displays. For many in the community, recycled materials make the best decorations. Look closely at these displays throughout the years to find everyday items used in very creative ways!